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Meet the


Introducing Local Farmers to Local Buyers

Meet the Buyers is a great way to connect farmers and food producers with businesses interested in purchasing their products and sourcing more local produce into the value chain. It is essentially a networking event where people with mutual interests come together to make new connections and begin new relationships. 

MIFFS plans an annual Meet the Buyers event each December in conjunction with the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market EXPO in Grand Rapids, MI. The EXPO attracts more than 4,000 producers and industry specialists from across the Great Lakes region. Meet the Buyers occurs on the first night of the convention and attracts approximately 400 producers, educators and industry specialists, featuring 18 “buyers” from all levels of the food system.


From locally focused food hubs to independent and chain grocery stores and small distribution companies to larger produce brokers and broad-line distributors, Meet the Buyers attracts buyers who are interested in buying directly from the farmer. These buyers understand the challenges and inherent risks of farming, may or may not require food safety programs from the farms they buy from and utilize their local purchasing to enhance their offerings to their customers. 


MIFFS hosts Meet the Buyers every December in conjunction with the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, and Farm Market Expo in Grand Rapids, MI. The next Meet the Buyers event will be December 4, 2018. Interested in participating in this year’s Meet the Buyers event? Email here

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