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The Michigan Family Farms Conference is more than just a conference. Year after year, farmers, educators, and food system professionals gather to network, learn, and share resources and experiences. We also come together to celebrate diversity, expand our knowledge of sustainable agriculture, and strengthen the supportive network of farmers that we know is essential for building resilient farms.

The Michigan Family Farms Conference offers beginning, small-scale, and culturally diverse farmers a chance to network, learn, and build sustainable family farms. It is an energizing, hands-on event featuring multiple tracks of breakout sessions plus a youth track to engage the whole family. ​The sessions are such an important part of the day of learning. Below is a selection of the workshop presentations from the conference. Click on the individual box to view the presentation slides.

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Creative Intercropping Ideas

Lance Kraai, New City Urban Farm

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Design Your Vegetable Crop Rotation

Katie Brandt, MSU Student Organic Farm

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Using Humified Compost as the Foundation to Soil Health

Joel Clifton, Morgan Composting, Inc

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Food Safety at Farmers Markets

Michelle Gagliardi, MIFMA

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USDA Round Table and Listening Session

Jen Silveri, MIFFS

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Farm Viability Session

Christine Quane, Eastern Market Partnership

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Beyond Survival: Risk Management for Growth

Steve Feinman & Ed Krupa, CPA

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Continuous Improvement through Corrective Action

Phil Britton, Fresh Systems, LLC

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Aspects of Racial Equity in Food Systems

Rich Pirog, CRFS

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Race Equity Issues on Dairy Farms: A Focus on "Milkers"

Rubén Martinez, Ph.D., Julian Samora Research Institute

Michigan Family Farms Conference Programs

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Nurturing Resilient Farms –
2020 & Beyond


mffc2020c (2).png
Tools for Agricultural Success –
What’s in Your Shed?


mffc2020c (2).png
Cultivating a Thriving Food Community…
From the Soil on Up!


mffc2020c (2).png
Farmers Leading the Future
Blending Established Wisdom and New Ideas


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