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Staff Highlight: John McCarthy

Hello MIFFS viewers! Continuing this month, we would like to highlight another staff member from our team to recognize them for all of their hard work to ensure our organization's mission shines through in all that we do. This month, we would like to acknowledge our Program Manager, John McCarthy! Read on to learn more about John and his constant hard work with MIFFS!

"I started working for MIFFS in April of 2018, so a little over 2 years. I am the Program Manager for the organization which means that I make sure things are running as smooth as possible, helping out where ever there is a need in communications, marketing, and organizational needs. A large aspect of my role is in Food and Farm Safety, participating in many workshops and the GAP program."

"The one thing that inspires me the most about MIFFS is when we have the opportunity to make connections between services and farmers. MIFFS has a wide scope of work and the individual connections are what makes the work the most valuable to me."

"Challenges that I have seen include (but are not limited to) environment, fair pay, and the aging farmer. I would advise people to look at what they are doing to help farming become a more present aspect in their individual lives. Get to know a farmer and buy direct! The direct purchasing helps in many ways. For the aging farmer challenge, educating youth on agriculture and showing how valuable farming is now and in the future."

"The fact that every living plant starts from one small seed."

MIFFS would like to once again thank John for all of his dedication to help this organization run smoothly and thrive!

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