Mission: Connecting beginning and historically underserved farmers to each other and resource opportunities; ensuring social justice, environmental stewardship, and profitability. 

Meet the MIFFS Team


Director of Field Operations


Director of Development and Services


Spanish Speaking Program Director


Financial Manager


Program Manager


Events Coordinator

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WIA Farm Development Center Manager

MIFFS Board of Directors is the governing body for the organization, comprised of 10 members and two Co-directors.  Board members come from all across the state and include representatives from all realms of food systems, including growers, environmental and conservation interests, and consumers. They bring skills and experience in farming, farmers markets, sustainable agriculture, state government, value chains, entrepreneurship, education, marketing, resource expertise, and more. They all share a passion for sustainable agriculture, local food systems, and the viability of small farms.

Board Members

Christine Quane, President

Kelly Coyle, Vice President
Grant Fletcher, Treasurer
LJ Kehn, Secretary

Abbey Palmer
Cloud Sparks
Evan Smith

Jim Marshall

Nefer Ra Barber

Parker Ameel

Quentin Tyler
Vanessa García Polanco