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Food Safety

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Food Safety


Michigan Food Safety Workgroup is a collaborative group of stakeholders that came together in 2015 to address food safety training needs at a statewide level as a result of the Upper Peninsula USDA GroupGAP Pilot. The mission of the Michigan Food Safety Workgroup is to provide coordinated education and resources to create an integrated food safety culture across the fresh produce value chain.


The workgroup embraces a continuum approach to food safety training, develop through an alliance with National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, to support the vision that all of Michigan’s food chain participants embrace a food safety culture and related behaviors, have access to cost-effective levels of training and certification, and to expanded markets while ensuring the public’s health.


Members of the Michigan Food Safety Workgroup include: MIFFS, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Michigan State University Extension, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems, Michigan GroupGAP Network, Michigan Public Health Institute, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Marquette Food Co-op, Upper Peninsula Food Exchange, Eastern Market, The Wallace Center at Winrock International, and other food systems partners.

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