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MIFFS is dedicated to supporting the many faces of farming, particularly our beginning and historically underserved farmers. As a statewide nonprofit, MIFFS has been connecting farmers to resources and opportunities since 1998. With each project, program, and activity, we endeavor to build a food system that is stronger and healthier for our families and communities, based on fair prices, established through local relationships, and committed to environmentally-friendly practices.

MIFFS Guiding Principals include:


  • Valuing the land and people connections

  • Advocating for the use of good science and cultural knowledge

  • Demonstrating risk taking and relentless persistence

  • Requiring listening and teamwork

  • Nurturing creativity


Your contribution helps support:


  • MIFFS’ flagship event: The Michigan Family Farms Conference

  • Farmer Networks: Michigan Beginning and Underserved Farmers, Vets-In-Ag, Women-In-Ag, and Red de Productores Hispanos

  • A wide range of workshops covering food safety, conservation practices, USDA program navigation, and other technical assistance

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