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MIFFS is a statewide nonprofit with a mission to connect beginning and historically underserved farmers to each other and resource opportunities; ensuring social justice, environmental stewardship, and profitability.  We leverage strategic, highly collaborative partnerships to create and enable networks of small-scale urban and rural farms that give rise to a resilient local food system. Our work supports entrepreneurial farm business development by serving as the bridge between the resources of USDA service providers, knowledge of subject matter experts, and wisdom from diverse communities throughout Michigan.


MIFFS is an affiliate of Michigan State University with a long standing partnership with MSU Center for Regional Food Systems (CRFS) and the Department of Community Sustainability (CSUS) within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


MIFFS is strategically partnered and co-located with MPHI, a Michigan-based, nationally engaged public health institute.  MIFFS and MPHI are both dedicated to health equity and social justice for ALL farmers and  the communities served by those farmers. Together we are working to help make a world where tomorrow is healthier than today.

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