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Marketing Specialty Crops at Food Hubs

Food Hubs provide an important connection between producers and the opportunity to connect with larger consumers. If you have seen one food hub, you have seen one food hub; there are all unique! Below are a few food hubs and guides to working with food hubs

Eastern Market

Food hubs support local farmers and offer unique, healthy specialty crops. Buying from these hubs not only supports small businesses but also provides access to the best produce.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Food hubs offer an excellent avenue for marketing and distributing specialty crops. These hubs provide a unique opportunity to showcase the diversity and quality of regional produce by bringing together local farmers and consumers.

The Local Grocer

Local grocery stores offer a unique opportunity to connect with specialty crop producers in your area. By sourcing your produce locally, you can support small businesses and offer your customers fresh, high-quality products. Don't miss out on the chance to build relationships with your community and provide them with the best possible shopping experience.

UP Food Exchange

The food hub is dedicated to providing a wide range of specialty crops that are grown right here in the Upper Peninsula. From seasonal produce to value added products UP Food Exchange supports the local food system year round.

Marketing Specialty Crops at Food Hubs

Specialty crops are unique! Food hubs can be a great way to connect specialty crop growers with local consumers and businesses. By partnering with food hubs, growers can increase their visibility and reach new markets, while consumers can enjoy fresh, locally grown produce. 

Food Safety at Hubs

Food safety is important in all aspects of the food system and in food hubs maintaining a solid food safety plan is crucial to providing safe and healthy produce.

Food Safety Certification for Food Hubs

Food safety is important in all aspects of the food system and in food hubs maintaining a solid food safety plan is crucial to providing safe and healthy produce. In addition to having a plan, certification may be a requirement. There are many different certifications and having the right one is key!


Wholesale vs Retail Sales for Specialty Crop Farmers

Business models are fluid and it is beneficial for farmers to periodically look at their business model to discern when it is time to seek new sales channels. Selling specialty crops wholesale means asking yourself some questions about your business. Some growers begin their business selling wholesale. Others opt for a direct sales venue like a farmers market or farm stand and find out that they are unable to sell all their product during set market hours. Life changes that take a grower away from the market could also be a reason to consider a switch. People may be unable to build considerable time for developing relationships at a farmers market. As experience grows so does the predictable stream of quality produce and as this happens, it may be time to consider selling larger amounts all at once, or wholesaling.

Template Sales Sheet for Specialty Crop Producers

Marketing your product takes time and a lot of work to gather your inventory. Being able to present your product in a standardized form helps navigate potential confusion on pack size and specs. 

sales sheet
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