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Michigan Public Health Institute Partnership with MIFFS

MIFFS partnerships mean everything to us! But our collaboration with the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI) is even greater!

MPHI is a Michigan non-profit public health institute that is dedicated to building a healthier tomorrow. They work hard to work to promote health and well-being.

Our partnership with MPHI started a few years when CEO, Renée Branch Canady,was the keynote speaker at the Michigan Family Farms Conference in 2016.MIFFS Council explored better ways to “Promote Equity, Wellness, and Economic Sustainability at a public health institute” while also maintaining our agricultural heritage.

Current MPHI CCO, Michelle Napier-Dunnings, connected our two organizations when she was the MIFFS Executive Director through 2016. A Memorandum of Understanding was then developed and later signed 2017 that MIFFS would remain a separate 501C3 as well as administrative management.While still having an office at MSU in the Natural Resources Building, MIFFS is also housed with two offices and shared common spaces in Building 2 of the many MPHI buildings.

Both of our organizations share strong core values that allow us to generate new work and innovative ideas to reach our common goals.

MPHI values:

  • Authentic Relationships

  • Quality & Excellence

  • Servant Leadership

  • Health Equity & Social Justice

MIFFS values:

  • We value the land & people connections

  • We advocate for the use of good science & cultural knowledge