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Celebrating the Many Faces of Farming -- Today and Every Day!

Happy National Ag Day and welcome to Michigan Food and Farming Systems’ blog! We’re excited to start sharing some fun and informative blog posts with you regularly, and to keep you in the loop on what MIFFS’ is up to! In light of the current situation we are in with COVID-19, we want to acknowledge the importance of our food system and supporting local producers who will provide us with critical fresh, nutrient-dense food to support our health in these challenging times.

What is National Ag Day?

In 1973, the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) started the National Ag Day program. National Ag Day is a day to not only recognize, but to celebrate and thank those who are involved in the agriculture industry. Every year, producers, agricultural associations, universities and many others join together to continue to remember the many past, present and future contributions of agriculture. It encourages every American to understand how food products are produced and by whom, the value of agriculture in maintaining a strong foundation in our economy, as well as to appreciate the huge role that agriculture plays in providing safe, healthy, and affordable food and fiber products. Since we believe in the future of agriculture, today is our chance to celebrate the industry, spread awareness about agriculture, and to think critically about how we can make the system work better for all of us.

What does National Ag Day mean to MIFFS?

At MIFFS, we approach every day as a celebration of producers and the land. We work daily to identify gaps in education available for beginning, small-scale, limited resource farmers, and work with communities to adapt programming to be most relevant and easy to learn. We celebrate diversity and shared learning through farmer networks, workshops, and peer-to-peer demonstration field trips. We strive to build awareness about local food and encourage consumers. We also advocate for local, state, and national policies that can better support beginning and historically underserved farmers.

In these ways and more, MIFFS is excited to continue to celebrate agriculture today and every day, and we are extremely thankful for everyone who dedicates their lives to make sure that everyone has food on the table day and night and clothes on their back. As we face the many unknowns of the current health crisis, we continue to rely on farmers, farmworkers, transporters, assemblers, manufacturers and retailers just as much as ever. It’s critical that we recognize all players of the agri-food system and the important role they play in our daily lives.

On this National Ag Day, we encourage you to celebrate the soil, water, seeds, producers, processors and the whole community who is dedicated to agriculture.

What are some of the ways you have benefited from agriculture today?

Do you know a farmer who grew or raised something you consumed or used today?

If yes, please take a moment to thank them! If not, we encourage you to do research and make it your goal to build a relationship with a local producer.

What is something you can do to spread awareness about the importance of agriculture in your daily lives? In your culture, how do you celebrate agriculture?

Share your experiences with us!

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