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You are invited to the 12th annual Michigan Family Farms Conference, an annual gathering and forum for beginning, small-scale and culturally diverse farmers to network, learn and build sustainable family farms. This year’s conference theme, “Sustain our Future - Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities”, includes eight conference tracks, including a youth track, to serve farmers from all facets of the food system. 

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This year, the Conference Committee is asking those invested in family farms to show your support for the conference by donating to this cause. Every dollar ycounts and directly supports the conference; your generosity will have a significant impact on the farmers we support. Click here to donate.

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Gayle Branch

Multicultural Farmers

Michigan is a diverse state and our farmer population reflects this. MIFFS offers many different services for our dedicated multicultural farmers. Read more about our programs here, and contact us for support or to offer your services.

Eladio Barragas

Agricultores Multiculturales

Michigan es un estado diverso y lo refleja en nuestra poblacion agricola, MIFFS ofrece diferentes servicios culturalmente apropiados para nuestros dedicados agricultores multiculturales. Lea mas acerca de nuestros programas aquí, y pongase en contacto con nosotros para obtener asistencia o para ofrecer un cervicio.

Denae Friedheim

Women Farmers

The faces of farming are constantly changing. MIFFS is dedicated to supporting Michigan’s increasing population of female farmers. Read more about our collaborative farming program and contact us for support or to offer your services.


We are a community dedicated to supporting the many faces of farming. Join our statewide network of members supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms and local food!


MIFFS is always looking for support in our office, on-line, or on a committee. Whatever your skill, we will find a place for you! Contact us at miffs@msu.edu or 517-432-0712 to Rise Up & Dig In!


From hoophouse construction, to translation services, to outreach for our Family Farms Conference, there is always a project in need of your skills. Get out there and Rise Up & Dig In! Contact miffs@msu.edu or 517-432-0712 for more info.